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Liability (aka PLPD or 3rd Party)
Liability coverage is one way insurance that covers the damages done to the 3rd party
property; if you are found at fault in a collision. This is the minimum coverage to have
the vehicle legally on the road.

Section B- Accident Benefits
This coverage protects passengers who sustain injuries in an accident while being
occupants in your vehicle. This is mandatory coverage in AB, and will always be added
to your premium. Limit is always the same as limit of liability.

If you are found responsible for a claim; your collision coverage minus the deductible
will cover damages sustained to your vehicle.

Fire, theft and vandalism are a few of the perils covered under the coverage. Again this
coverage is susceptible to a deductible amount which was previously determined at the
time the policy was purchased.

All Perils
Collision & Comprehensive coverage combined under one heading with one deductible.

Specified Perils
This coverage similar to comprehensive but only covers for the specific perils which are
listed in the policy. This coverage is still susceptible to a deductible.

Sef 13 d - Limitation of Glass
This coverage can be added on comprehensive coverage obtained on policy. It deducts
windshield coverage from a policy but all other glass on policy is still coverage. It is
susceptible to the deductible provided under comp coverage. Windshield coverage can be
purchased through a separate market which we do provide.

Sef 20 Loss of Use
This coverage is available when a policy contains full coverage. This allows for rental
vehicle to be paid for by the insurance in the event of claim where the use of your vehicle
is lost.

Sef 27 - Liability for Non-Owned Automobile
This coverage allows you to be covered for insurance on vehicle you do not on. Such as
a rental vehicle, with this coverage you are able to decline insurance on a rental vehicle
though a rental car company.

Sef 43 ( R,RL ) Limited Waiver of Depreciation
This prevents a brand new vehicle from depreciating in value for the first 30 months after
being purchased from a dealership.
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